Beard Butters

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Beard Butter - Is a eave in conditioner. 

Our Beard Butters are all made with premium grade carrier oils & Shea-butter. We also added an all natural conditioning agent called BTMS-25 for extra hydration & longevity boost.


  • 100% plant based 🪴 
  • BTMS-25, is a natural conditioning emulsifier derived from Colza oil.
  • Acts as a leave-in conditioner 
  • Doesn’t build up and easy to wash out
  • Prolongs beard/skin hydration  
  • Helps lock in key ingredients 
  • Keeps your beard silky soft all day 
  • Prevents hair breakage & dandruff 
  • Dual purpose- Apply leftover butter on dry elbows, face, knuckles and tattoos!

Ingredients: Shea-Butter, Conditioner (BTMS-25), Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Vitamin-E, Fragrance.

✅Hand-crafted small batch products.

✅We offer FRAGRANCE-FREE options.
✅We invest in quality sourced oils from reputable companies located within the United States.
✅We use costly glass bottles vs. plastic due to the following.

✅Glass bottles contain NO chemicals that can leach into products!

✅Glass is nonporous and impermeable, so there are NO changes between glass packaging and product quality.

2oz glass jars.